Our Mission Statement

Dr. Brad GrizzaffiOur vision is a society where health is a realization of optimal function throughout the body.  We believe this can be achieved through natural preventive health care.  Though most people who first look towards chiropractic do so because of pain, most people who continue to use chiropractic and refer others to chiropractic do so because they find great positive change in their lives.  Changes like increased energy, decreased sickness and illness, reduction in use of medications, and a greater sense of well being are obtained.  Our goal is to educate and help as many people possible through natural chiropractic care to enhance their body to its optimal level so that they enjoy a higher quality of life for many years to come.

We strive to provide an opportunity for every man, woman, and child to experience the awesome health potential that can be attained through chiropractic.  We are proud to be a primary health care facility in Lafayette, Louisiana and it is our mission to continue to change the way society perceives healthcare.  Our goal is to direct focus to wellness rather than symptom based care.  We strive to educate the public about lifestyle changes that promote areas of wellness in order to decrease the amount of crisis care needed in our society.  We live in an enriched world, yet there is sickness all around.  We strive quite simply to make a difference by helping one patient at a time.
We are committed to better health and serving you.  Call us today at  337-237-2273.